lAERONAVAL is a company with its own philosophy and innovative, develops aeronautical and naval projects, assembles, commercializes and distributes ultralight aluminum aircraft under licence of the manufacturers and according to the country of operation and destination, but 70% of lAERONAVAL’s invoicing is provided by its aluminum shipyard, with offices and facilities in several countries in Latin America and Africa.

Another activity that gains strength is the integration of surveillance systems and weapons in aeronautical and naval equipment. As a complement to make barns, hangars and small piers.

It also offers port services.

As a complement to our aeronautical and naval activities we make high quality metallic structures, they are removable ships, we project and build economic industrial buldings for any industrial use, sheds, workshops, warehouses.

We adapt our design to the needs of the client.

HANGARS: For airplanes, military hangars, aeronautical hangars, etc.

SHEDS: They are characterized by their rapid construction and are versatile in sizes.

WAREHOUSES: Both for a punctual use of storage or definitive, to build a logistic warehouse or to expand a warehouse of raw materials, born logistics, etc.

TENTS: Pre-stressed metal structures.



We integrate electronic
systems for security and
defense in our ultralight
tailored to the needs of the
client in collaboration with
our strategic partner.