Companies we work with

The company produces light aircraft of various versions. In addition to series production, the company is conducting prospective research and development of special versions of the basic aircraft (aircraft for aerial photography, agricultural aircraft, four-seat aircraft)

Commercialized models:


Their flight performances are unbeatable. It combines a high-performance cruise (+ 170 km/h) with a very low loss rate (52 km/h). Thanks to its visibility, it is the perfect plane to travel and to perform operations that require high observation such as reconnaissance, topography, aerial photography, observation of natural parks, aerial surveillance, etc.

The A22L2 is reputed to be a recreational aircraft and ideal training for its safety, stability and comfort. It can legally and safely load payloads of 200 kgs and takes off and lands from the smallest flying f ields you can imagine, thanks to its STOL characteristics.


An aerodynamics ´ state-of the-art ´ perfectly ¨ cleans ¨. At first glance, it is easy to see the quality of the finishes: train and wheels with fairing, like the struts. The fuselage and the front where the engine is located eliminates all kinds of elements that can create areas of aerodynamic resistance, which means more speed, improved gliding and less fuel use than other ultralight ones in its category.


If you are looking to fly at professional level for pleasure and fun, we have the right course for you our programs are enjoyable and customized according to every need.


The Ultralight pilot card allows you to act as a pilot in command of any ultralight, specifically enabled in those where the aerodynamic control is for fixed wing axis. It will provide you with quality training, learn the theoretical knowledge and acquire the driving skills necessary to face the test with guarantees.


You will learn the techniques to make very short and precision takeoffs and landings. We will visit small flight fields, a sloped mountain track, where we’ll get acquainted with this environment and procedures


You will learn how to control the aircraft on the rolling and runway, the takeoff and landing manoeuvres, landings in two or three points, short landings and also visit very short and inclined catalogued mountain tracks

Rental aircraft

We are in Madrid and San Agustin de Guadalix (Spain) and in Cartagena de Indias and Bogotá (Colombia).

We offer you the rent of aircraf in an easy, fast and safeway to cover the flying hours that you need, as well as to enjoy the pleasure of flying an ultralight.


Ultralight aircraft of last generation with the best Price and the best conditions.



Without entry fee, no monthly fee.



You pay only for the hours you fly.



High availability of aircraft and flight instructors at your disposal to train your flying skills.



Aircraft rental for licensed pilots ULM.



Aircraft models for Rent: Sila 450, Sila 750, AAK BUSHMAN A.


You want to be a pilot for a day?

You will pilot a plane under the supervision of a professional instructor and enjoy your first flight as a pilot in command. There is no need to have a previous flight experience.

And if you liked the experience, the flight serves to continue your ultralight pilot course (ULM).

Do you want to make a different route?

Our routes are specially designed to enjoy the scenery and the flight, you choose where we go.


  • Adaptation to your new plane. We accompany you and advise on the use of your new plane. This service is done according to your needs and will allow you to learn all the features of your aircraft with the direct advice of our instructors.
  • Aeronautical Consulting and consultancy
  • Registrations. Processing of first registrations of certified or type aircraft. Processing of first registrations of construction aircraft by amateurs.
  • Name changes.
  • Change of aircraft holder on occasion.
  • Renewal of airworthiness certificates
  • Renewal of airworthiness certificates for ultralight construction by amateurs. EFSA intends shortly to adopt a regulation whereby all ultralight aircraft will regularly renew their airworthiness certificate. We are working so soon that this regulation is a reality to offer you the service of renewal of this certificate.
  • Administrative qualifications.
  • Processing of the habilitations of ULM and PPL.
  • Type certification.
  • Processing and follow-up of the documentation necessary to obtain the type-certificate.
  • Renewal of licenses.
  • Renewals of the ULM pilot licenses.
  • Creation and legalization of Ulm schools adapting your project to the current regulations to be a ULM school authorized by EASA. Creation and legalization of school ATO adaptation of its project to the norm in force to be a school ATO authorized by EASA. Change of type certificate holder.
  • Aero.