The shipyard in aluminium of LAERONAVAL is constituted in the year 2018 when several companies of the sector merged.

We have designed more than 40 different models of boats ranging from 3 m to 30m. Thanks to the long professional trajectory of our human team and the latest technology equipment that we use in our manufacturing process, we can offer the highest quality, technical and finishing, that can be found in the market, with the best guarantee. We follow the strictest quality controls in our work, from the design of each boat to its execution and start up having the ISO 9001 quality certificate and the AENOR seal.

LAERONAVAL has aluminum shipyards in Spain (Zaragoza) and Colombia (Cartagena de Indias), also we have a mobile workshop that we can move to build in situ boats

Custom design

Aluminium is one of the most popular materials in the shipbuilding industry and is notable for its performance. We study each Project so that your boat is unique and personal, talored to the needs and habits of each customer’s use.


We work to find new designs that can offer you the best performance with the lowest consumption.

ADVANTAGES of aluminum construction

HIGHER RESISTANCE than fiber therefore less breakdowns and less maintenance expense. Thanks to its high ductility it does not give problems of cracking, it will tend to warp, but not to crack. Lighter and therefore less consumption, which can be quantified in a savings of 25% in fuel consumption. This lightness allows superior cruising speed with higher engine performance.

GREATER SAFETY in the event of accidents that may occur, since aluminum does not burn with f ire and in the case of collision with a rocky bottom the case will warp but not break, so there will be no wáter path in the boat.

LESS COST OF REPAIR, the cost of repair in aluminium is very simple, can be fixed in a short time because a process similar to a mechanical auto workshop is used, returning the boat to its initial state with total guarantee.

HIGHER RESIDUAL VALUE: aluminum is not deteriorated by permanent exposure to sunlight, so aluminum vessels stay longer in their initial conditions allowing to have a RESIDUAL value greater than the f iber craft that suffer further deterioration.

MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Aluminium is a 100% recyclable material, therefore it is 100% ecological. The residue generated with the construction in aluminum is not toxic, and it is also recyclable.

QUALITY: The material used is naval aluminum 5083 H111, an alloy with an excellent behavior in the marine environment in front of aggressive agents like corrosion. The construction in aluminium makes it possible to guarantee a maximum quality in the whole process: the reception of the materials, which are already certified and classified (aluminium sheet, wire, gas), and the new electronic welding machines, allow the product Finished have great reliability


The naval boats are built according to the strictest quality controls during the execution. From the design of the boat with CAD-CAM programs, to the welding of all the pieces following a mounting system that guarantees the correct disposition of the parts that make up the structure, all the processes are perfectly identified and defined

Exact definition of the pieces through the design  programs that allow to send the information of each one of the pieces to be cut with numerical control machines using high-definition plasma. The material used is naval aluminum 5083 H111, an alloy with excellent behavior in the marine environment against aggressive agents such as corrosion. Once the cut pieces are received, they are classified according to the installation manual designed by our technicians for their correct placement in the structure, the equipment supervises the quality of the execution for a correct finish of the boat.

Our quality plan, based on controlling all production phases, f rom the original design with CAD-CAM programs, to the reception of the material in origin, cutting of the pieces in precision machines by numerical control, to the placement and Welding of the parts that make up the structure, including hull sealing tests, allows us to offer a product with a total guarantee for navigation. The intrinsic nature of aluminum, with the latest special alloys prepared for the marine environment (5083 and 5086) and corrosion resistant, give us full assurance that the product we deliver is of maximum quality and durability.


Commercialized models

Port services

Services for the extraction and withdrawal of contaminated waste and/or water.

We have Pelican type boats for port cleaning whose main characteristic is the ability to generate attractive currents to concentrate the floats and improve their efficiency.


  • Mooring and unmooring to ships.


  • Transport of crews, agents, inspectors, etc.
  • Transportation of goods and supplies.



  • Connection/disconnection at the Repsol terminal.
  • Placement and removal of scales.
  • Transport and load of baggage on board.
  • Truck Crane Service.


  • Dangerous goods operator oils.
  • Oil pumping from truck or barge.


  • To cover guard




  • First response, for salvage and spill control operations.


  • cleaning and treatment with pelican vessels from water pollution caused by solids and liquid floating wastes.


  • Spillovers barriers and fences of spill containment, skimmers, absorbent materials, dispersants and equipment of first response in emergencies.